Welcome World’s First TV-miner

The world’s second-leading producer of mining equipment Canaan Creative, announced the release of a new device, which will allow to mine the crypto at home. TV AvalonMiner Inside is designed for mining bitcoins, reports South China Morning Post.

The novelty provides a 2,8 TH/s. For comparison, the most powerful miner from Canaan Creative has now a processing power of 11 TH/s. The device has a 43-inch display and built-in 16-nanometer ASIC A3210 chip.

AvalonMiner Inside is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and has a voice control function. The TV-miner has already a crypto profitability calculator, which allows users to determine how efficiently the device works.

Bitcoins can be spent by users to pay for the entertainment content, as well as goods and services on the Canaan platform. The company intends to sell AvalonMiner through retail chains. It is expected that the first TV-miners will go on sale in August.


1. The novelty has already faced criticism. AvalonMiner Inside did not impress many market participants. Some experts noted that the production of the TV-miner rather resembles the advertising course of the company.

2. Release of the world’s first TV with a mining function took place after Canaan Creative applied for an initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). It is known that the company intends to attract $1 billion.

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