Art For Crypto

A London art gallery is keeping up with the crypto trends and has announced that it’s selling an entire collection for crypto.

The House of Fine Art is a Mayfair-based art gallery in London that is doing its part to “revolutionize” how we buy and sell art.

More and more customers were expressing their desire to buy art for bitcoin claimed the gallery founder, Elio D’Anna.

“We knew straight away that this was an opportunity too good to pass by. At the moment, digital currencies are becoming commonplace among a wide array of savvy consumers, providing a seamless, and cost-effective method to exchange value globally.”

The collection the gallery will be offering will consist of pieces the starting prices of which will begin at $4,000 and range all the way to £250,000. The exhibition itself will start in early October in London and later move to the House of Fine Art’s Hollywood branch.


  • The art world is moving forward together with the crypto trends, which means that more people are beginning to trust and use digital currencies not merely as an investment.
  • Art, being very much a trendsetter itself, might influence other creative fields to pursue the move towards crypto, started by the London galleries.
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