Kyiv to Host International Blockchain Bitcoin Conference

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to go learn something new, even if you are already far away from the school age. The ideal opportunity to learn from the specialists of their area will offer Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv, a one-day event hosted by Ukrainian capital.

During the event which is set to be on September 19, the visitors will see the “presentations on the development of decentralized technologies and trends in the legislative area”, as well as the case studies regarding the blockchain implementation into our fast-evolving life.

The conference will be also divided into two zones. The first one, where the conference will be held is also split into two sections held parallelly.

The Main Hall will cover the topics of development, security, and implementation of the blockchain itself, the future of cryptocurrency as a financial instrument working with the governments and its regulations.

The Tech Hall will be the place where the speakers will discuss the whole process and the benefits of the market tokenization.

The second, exhibition zone, will welcome everyone who keeps in touch with the recent crypto market developments. There the guests of the conference will have a chance to see the latest “mining software and hardware; financial, legal, technical, and consulting services for various industries.”

And the special bonus for the visitors Рin order to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the country’s independence, there is a 27% discount for the event provided by the conference

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