Apple Axes Crypto Game from App Store

Apple has ordered Coinbase to remove its crypto game War Riders from the Coinbase Wallet app for iOS. The game was removed for violating the terms of Apple’s in-app purchases.

War Riders, a crypto-collection game within the Coinbase Wallet app, has been removed from the app following orders from Apple. Apple justified the move by noting how the game essentially bypassed the in-app purchasing structure that Apple maintains. The game still remains on the Android platform, however.

In-App Trading a No-Go

Snip reports that

War Riders is a post-apocalyptic game which allows users to collect vehicles, which are represented as crypto-collectibles (non-fungible tokens) on the blockchain. The vehicles can either be driven around or stored in a garage, where they can be converted to the app’s native token BNZ.

Apple has historically taken a cautious approach when dealing with crypto. Snip also notes that while Apple allows wallet applications, it does not allow wallet apps which allow users to buy, sell, or trade crypto within the app.

A Series of Crypto-Woes

This is not the first crypto-related issue Apple has had to tend to. In June, Bitcoinist reported on Apple’s ban on cryptocurrency mining applications

On June 12th, Bitcoinist writer Georgi Georgiev wrote that,

Following an update to its App Store review guidelines, Apple has explicitly halted the design and development of iOS applications which can be used for direct cryptocurrency mining. Still, off-device cloud-based mining is not affected by the changes.

One of Apple’s main concerns dealt with the potential energy usage of mining apps. Within their guidelines, Apple made a point to aim energy concerns at app developers.

It seems that despite its recent trillion-dollar valuation, Apple is still hesitant to get its feet wet in the crypto world. In turn, some are surely wondering how Apple’s attitudes may come back to bite them.

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