Top Crypto Podcasts

What is the best way to start a new day? Or how best to spend time on the way to work or home? Of course, by learning something new about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Fortunately enough, there are new information formats, for example, such as podcasts. You can do your daily routines and be at the center of events. We tell you which podcasts will help you become a crypto guru.

Bitcoin Podcast Network

Let’s start not with a podcast, but with a whole network of podcasts. Bitcoin Podcast Network is created by eight different experts. Creators assure that anyone who wants to learn about the crypto world will be able to understand this area with the help of podcasts. A great way to spend time on the way to work and learn something new.

Unchained podcast

This podcast is created by Laura Sheen, who was a senior editor at Forbes. The girl talks with the leaders of the crypto industry about how the blockchain will revolutionize and change the world. The podcast is suitable for beginners and advanced crypto users.

Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

This podcast is by an entrepreneur, investor, journalist and economist Trace Mayer. He was one of the first to invest in the cryptocurrency. Mayer saw in Bitcoin the possibility of financial freedom and monetary independence. He interviews experts in the crypto industry and analyzes the news.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin

This is the “old man” of cryptocurrency podcasts. The platform has gathered around itself a lot of recognized experts. If you are interested in the world cryptocurrency, then you definitely need to study all the podcasts on this website.

Bad Crypto

The hosts of this podcast are Travis Wright and Joel Com. Both have many years of experience in the technology world, and still have an excellent sense of humor. Therefore, to learn all the most important in the world, cryptocurrency with them will become much more interesting. The project appeared in late 2017, but has already attracted many experts. A great choice for a morning run or a cup of coffee.

Blockchain Insider

The weekly podcast is created by Simon Taylor and Colin G Platt. They try to approach the crypto news with particular enthusiasm, choosing the best and most important events that have occurred in the last seven days. Also, the hosts are trying to interview somebody from the representatives of the crypto industry within the framework of the hourly issue.

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